Download update NMWhatsApp and NM2WhatsApp

welcome to our website,today I will give you article about NMWhatsApp and WhatsApp-plus,then I will give you download update NMWhatsApp so follow me .
 Program NMWhatsApp & WhatsApp-plus
Modded By Nooraldeen Mohammed
Download update NMWhatsApp and NM2WhatsApp

What’s NMWhatsApp & WhatsApp-plus

A modified and developed WhatsApp version by the programmer Nooraldeen, and there are two versions, the first with a purple color and the second with a blue color,and they work in the same device.

New update for NMWhatsApp

Version 2.20
Date Of Publication 12/12/2019

What’s the new in 2.20?

☆New Style for NM Settings
☆Added New Style for NM Settings
☆Added New Style for Auto Text
☆Added Instagram-like Store you can enable it from Home Screen >> Header
☆Fixed Problem with late Messages
☆Fixed Crash on Kitkat’s 4.4 users
☆Fixed Don’t have enough disk Space
☆Enabled Increase Status Limit to 10 Minutes
☆Enabled Increase Forward to Unlimited 
☆Fixed Pinned chats now is 1000
☆Fixed More bug fixes and improvements!
Download Links
Download NMWhatsApp
package com.nmwhatsapp
Color purple
Download NM2WhatsApp
package com.nm2whatsapp
Color Blue

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